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About Us

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for Australian startups and small businesses to access quality legal documents.

In today’s digital world, getting a contract should be simple, fast and 100% online.


Our Story

Easy Legal Templates was founded in early 2019 by husband and wife team Adrian Rees and Courtney Bowie.

Courtney is a lawyer and runs an award-winning commercial law firm based in Sydney. Adrian worked in corporate sales for several years before joining his wife’s law firm in 2018 as Operations Manager.

The idea for Easy Legal Templates came from speaking with many entrepeneurs who needed contracts for their business, and really wanted to work with us, but simply couldn’t afford the cost of a lawyer.

We launched Easy Legal Templates as a solution to this problem. We want to help new business owners get proper legal documents without breaking the bank.


What We Do

Easy Legal Templates sells legal templates for Australian startups and small businesses. We offer a range of contracts, policies and legal document bundles to suit different industries and occupations.

All of our templates have been written by qualified Australian lawyers.

Our online store makes it easy for anyone to download legally-binding contracts 24/7.  

What Makes Us Different

  1. Our templates don’t suck! We have seen lots of online templates, the reality is that most of them aren’t great. Many are full of legal jargon, missing key clauses, written for overseas jurisdictions or are quite basic. We have worked very hard to make sure we deliver comprehensive high-quality contracts that are user-friendly.
  2. We’re Australian – our contracts are specifically written by Australian lawyers to comply with Australian laws. 
  3. We’re transparent – once you purchase a template, you own it for life. Some of our competitors promise “free” documents but then charge you to remove a watermark or access an editable version.
  4. We make it easy– you don’t have to sign up for an account, pay an annual subscription or wait for a callback. 

Don’t just take our word for it, please read what other customers are saying about our templates here.


Why Are We Here?

Since launching in 2019, we have helped over 1000 businesses across Australia. We’re proud of what we have achieved so far, and can’t wait to help more new businesses in the future.

Our goal is to provide simple, affordable legal documents.

We believe that every Australian business should have legal protection, no matter what their budget is.

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