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At Easy Legal Templates we make it easy for everyday Australian businesses to access quality legally binding documents – fast. Our contracts are simple, written by lawyers and 100% online.

Go do the deal. Land the dream client. Get launch ready in minutes.

We’ve got everything you need.

Our Story

Easy Legal Templates was founded in early 2019 by Courtney Bowie and Adrian Rees. They’re a solutions-driven husband and wife team.

Courtney is a partner and practising lawyer in the award-winning commercial law firm, Her Lawyer in Sydney. Adrian is a corporate sales and operations specialist and the owner of a medical practice. Prior to founding Easy Legal Templates, Adrian was Operations Manager at Her Lawyer.

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The idea for Easy Legal Templates came from talking with entrepreneurs. People who couldn’t grow their businesses with certainty because they didn’t have contracts. And no budget for lawyers.

Thinking contract templates would be a cost-effective solution, Courtney and Adrian began looking for templates to recommend. The result? Zero. Some were for other countries. Some were missing crucial information. Some were just plain wrong

And Easy Legal Templates was born. Now all Australian startups and small businesses can access legal contracts they can rely on – at a fraction of the cost.

Why We're Here

We know small business owners shudder about legal stuff. We want to provide the peace of mind that comes with legal protection. We want you to focus on building your business. Because we’re sure you didn’t start your business to stress about contracts, right?
No scary legal bills. No appointments. No waiting.
We’ve got legal documents available online 24/7. Closing a deal has never been easier. Because a reliable, legally binding contract is just a few clicks away.
Since launching in 2019, we’ve helped over 2,194+ businesses across Australia with legal contracts.
We feel mighty proud to have helped them:

  • Sleep well at night knowing they have the right documents in place
  • Impress clients and win deals with their professional “We mean business” contracts
  • Walk with a pep in their step because they know they’re legit

Our Values

Making the law accessible for everyone


We strive to make doing business easy for our customers and our team

Law for people,
not for lawyers

We empower small business owners with contracts that are easy to use and understand

Work smarter

We design solutions that solve problems in new and better ways

Great relationships

We build positive relationships with our team, our customers and their clients

Why Are We Different?

  1. High quality – Ever looked for a template online? They mostly suck. Full of legalese, missing important points or very generic. We’ve built our templates using the comprehensive experience we’ve gained working with real life business owners, like you. We know what’s going on, today.

  2. User-friendly – We know you’re not a lawyer. We talk like you and write templates for real people. We use plain language. They’re easy to read and complete. If you can explain your business in words, you can fill out a template. Plus, we give you step by step instructions.

  3. Australian – Our contracts are specific to Australian laws. The lawyers who write them hold Australian practicing certificates. They know their stuff.

  4. Value for money – When you buy a template, it’s yours for life. We’ll even send you a free update if the law changes. You’ll always be covered. We don’t charge you to remove a watermark or access an editable template, like some businesses we know.

  5. Transparent – What you see is what you get. No hidden fees. No accounts to join. No ongoing subscriptions. Just buy the template you need when you need it.

  6. Here for you – We’re not a law firm. We can’t give you legal advice. But we can give you all the help you need if you have a question about your template. Just drop us a line or give us a call. We’re happy to help.
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