Competition Terms and Conditions


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★ Run a competition (game of chance)

★ Peace of mind that your competition is legally compliant

★ Drafted in plain English by Australian lawyers

★ Complete our Competition Terms and Conditions template in under 10 minutes

What are Competition Terms and Conditions?

Competition Terms and Conditions are the legal terms which define how a competition will be run. These terms include who can enter, what the prize is, when the prize will be drawn and so on.

Competitions (also know as trade promotions) are used to promote your business and bring your brand to a wider audience.

It’s important that you comply with Australian Consumer Law and any applicable state regulations for trade promotions. You should provide all entrants with your Privacy Policy as well so they know that their personal details are secure.


Types of Competitions

In Australia, there are two types of promotional competitions:

1. Game of Skill

In this competition, participants must put forward an entry, or show their ‘skill’. For example, “describe in 50 words or less the best party you have ever been to”. Other examples include “post a photo with the competition hashtag” or “send us a video explaining why you should win”.

2. Game of Chance

This is a competition where winners are picked at random. The participant does not need to show any skill, and all entries are equal. An example of a game of chance is a lottery.


Do I need a permit to run a competition or trade promotion?

Each state and territory in Australia has its own laws in relation to trade promotions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are complying with the laws of your jurisdiction.

For example, NSW law requires businesses wishing to run a trade promotion to apply for and obtain a trade promotion lottery permit. Visit for more information on eligibility, fees and how to apply.

Normally the state regulator will require you to submit the competition terms and condtions BEFORE they will issue a permit. Make sure you allow enough time to complete your T&Cs and arrange the permit before you launch your competition.


What does this Competition Terms and Conditions template include?

Our Competition Terms and Conditions template covers everything you need for a game of chance competition:

★ Promoter

★ Competition Period

★ Eligible Entrants

★ How to enter

★ Draw date and time

★ Prize(s)

★ Winner Notification and Publication

★ Unclaimed Prizes

★ Privacy

★ Social Media

★ General Conditions

★ Competition Permit Number


Do we have to include the full Terms & Conditions in all of our marketing material?

You need to publish T&Cs in any advertising material which promotes the competition (e.g. flyers, email marketing etc). However, this is often not practical because of limited space available. Therefore, it is acceptable to include only the most relevant information and then refer people to the full T&Cs (which are usually available on your website).

Be careful to avoid false or misleading advertising.


Who is eligible to enter?

If you want to limit entries, it is important to clearly state who is eligible to enter in your competition terms and conditions. Often businesses exclude people under the age of 18, employees, family members and contractors or suppliers related to the business. We have included a clause in our competition terms and conditions template to cover all of these circumstances.


What details of the prize should we include in our T&Cs?

You should be as specific as possible about the details of the prize(s). Your description should include the value of the prize (RRP or total dollar value), any special conditions, how long the prize is valid for and anything that is NOT included as part of the prize.


How many times can people enter a competition?

This is up to you.

You could limit the competition to one entry per person, or allow for multiple entries.

We have included wording for both options in our competition terms and conditions template.


Do I have to pay any government fees to run a trade promotion?

It depends on the state or territory you are in.

Some states charge an application fee for trade promotions. For example, in NSW the application fee starts at $80 and it increases depending on the value of the prize.

In other jurisdictions, you may not have to pay any fees. Make sure you check the relevant government website before you get started.

Who is this for?

These terms and conditions are suitable for competitions and trade promotions that are:

★ Games of chance (not skill)

★ single entry or multiple entry

★ free to enter

★ used to promote your business

★ have the necessary permit in your state or territory

If you do not have the necessary permit, you should not run a trade promotion and should not use these terms.

Why You Need This

Avoid Risk

Our Competition Terms and Conditions template will help you to avoid risk and limit your liability if something does go wrong.

Protect your business and assets

As the old saying goes, plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

You never know what will happen in the future, but it is vital that you have a contract in place to protect everything you have worked hard for.

How does it work?

Our process is designed to be as easy as possible – you could be up and running in as little as 5-10 minutes.

1.  Select the Competition Terms and Conditions template in the Shop and click Add To Cart.

2.  Proceed to Checkout and complete your purchase.

3.  You will receive an email with a download link immediately after you have completed your purchase.

4.  Open the document in MS Word and complete the highlighted fields with your personal information (name, ABN etc). Your document will be ready to go in minutes!


Can’t I just copy this contract from another website?

Don’t do this.

1. This is copyright infringement and is against the law.

2. You might accidentally copy terms and conditions from another country – if you end up in court for some reason it might be on the other side of the world!

3. It won’t be customised to YOUR competition. Not a good look for your customers if your info about the prizes is wrong…


Can I customise the templates beyond editing the fields?

Our templates come in Word format, so yes you can if you want. Feel free to add your logo and change the font to reflect your brand.

We do not recommend you change the wording (apart from the fillable fields) as this can affect the legal protections contained in the document.


What if the law changes and my templates become outdated?

If the law changes, we’ll email you with the changes and updates to add to your existing templates. So please ensure you keep us updated if your email address changes.

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