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Loved the templates, it covers pretty much everything and the templates are so easy to use. I just hired my first employee and having all the contracts and HR templates in a bundle was a huge help! It saved so much of my time.
Nadia O.

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Who is this Employment Contract Bundle for?

  • Business looking to employ staff
  • Business looking to hire contractors
  • Suitable for any industry
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Our Employment Contract Bundle includes a range of employment contracts and policies to help you manage your team.

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Employment Contract Bundle includes:

1. Full Time Employment Contract

Use our handy Full Time Employment Contract template to employ new full time staff.

This contract covers all of the important terms of employment, including start date, position and duties, hours of work, remuneration, probation, leave and termination.

Full time employees generally work 38 hours per week, have regular hours and have an expectation of ongoing work.


2. Part Time Employment Contract

Use our handy Part Time Employment Contract template to employ new part time staff.

This contract covers all of the important terms of employment, including start date, position and duties, hours of work, remuneration, probation, leave and termination.

Part time employees generally work less than 38 hours per week, have regular hours and are entitled to the same benefits as a full-time employee, but on a pro rata basis.


3. Casual Employment Contract

Use our handy Casual Employment Contract template to employ new casual staff.

Casual employees do not have any set hours or guarantee of ongoing work, unlike part time or full time employees. Casual employees provide businesses with a great deal of flexibility as they can be hired as needed.

Casual employees are paid a higher hourly pay rate (casual loading) but do not receive entitlements such as annual leave, sick leave, notice upon termination and redundancy pay.


4. Independent Contractor Agreement

Need some help? Looking to outsource? No problem, with an Independent Contractor Agreement, you can engage a contractor to help you deliver amazing service to your clients.

An Independent Contractor Agreement helps to set the ground rules so that both parties understand their obligations from the start.

Independent contractors work for themselves, are free to accept or refuse work, control their own working times and provide their own tools and equipment.


5. Non-Disclosure Agreement

Give your business extra peace of mind by asking employees and contractors to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you hire them.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement means you can be 100% sure that your private business information is protected.


6. Cyber Security Policy

Protect the security of technology and information assets in your business with a Cyber Security Policy.

This policy covers the rules and processes your team must follow to safeguard your business.

According to a 2016 report by cybersecurity firm Symantec, 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted against small businesses.


7. WHS Policy

WHS Policy (Workplace Health and Safety Policy) outlines your commitment to health and safety in your workplace.

Business owners have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace for their workers and other people that interact with their business. Part of this duty is to identify and eliminate/reduce risks.

The goal of this policy is to achieve a safe and incident-free workplace.


8. Working From Home Policy

Working From Home Policy outlines the working arrangements and health and safety guidelines for employees working remotely or from home.

You can use this template to increase flexibility within your business, clearly outline the procedures to be followed, and set the ground rules in black and white. 

The COVID19 pandemic has forced many businesses to implement working from home arrangements for the first time. and introduced new risks which you may have never faced or anticipated before.

9. Expenses Policy

An Expenses Policy sets out the rights and responsibilities for expenses incurred in the course of employment. It provides a framework for how employees can claim and be reimbursed for reasonable and authorised expenses incurred while doing work for the business.

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The perfect solution for growing your team

It’s 4.36 pm and you’re ready to hire a new team member. You want to send them the contract today. But you’re stuck. You want everything clear and legal – but you don’t have any employment contracts!

Major downer.

Don’t panic. They’re all here. In simple Word format. Ready to download. 100% legally binding. Simply fill in your details, get it signed, and stop worrying about the legal side of your business.

With lifetime access to your Employment Contract Bundle. you’ll never stress about signing up a new team member again…

Do I need this Employment Contract Bundle?

You bet! If you run your business without proper employment contracts which are compliant with Australian law – you’re exposed. If something goes wrong, you have no backup. Is that how you want to do business?

If you’re lying awake at night wondering about when you’ll get “The Call”. You know: “The Call” that makes your tummy flop and your milk turn sour – you need this Employment Contract Bundle.

No one needs that stress in their life. It’s simple, easy, fast, and legally binding. Get yourself sorted in 15 minutes.

Employer Obligations

We recommend that you consult the Fair Work website to check any Awards and agreements that may apply before using these templates.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to pay at least the minimum wage and entitlements to your employees under the applicable modern award or enterprise agreement.

You must provide all new employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement by law. If they’re a casual employee, you must also give them the Casual Employment Information Statement.

You can view a handy guide to hiring new employees HERE.

Are my employees covered by an Award?

Awards apply to employers and employees depending on the industry they work in and the type of job worked. Every award has information about who it covers in the coverage clause (usually clause 4) and the job classifications (usually in the pay clause or a schedule).

More than 100 industry or occupation awards cover most people who work in Australia. An employer can be covered by more than one award, depending on the employees’ jobs.

You can use the Find My Award tool to check for award coverage on the Fair Work website. In some cases, there may not be an award that covers your industry/job role (this is known as “award-free”).

If you are unsure about an employee’s status, you should seek legal advice.

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19 December 2023
Jeffrey J.
I recommend this product

Requirements met

It’s very difficult finding a definitive one stop online solution as complete as what I needed. There are many comparable products out there, but with easy legal templates things could not have been smoother, nor more comprehensive across the employment contract spectrum. Can wholeheartedly recommend them.

13 November 2023
David K.
I recommend this product

Employment contract bundle

I am very happy with the templates purchased, and the helpful advice over the phone after purchasing. Thanks!

08 November 2023
Marco G.
I recommend this product


Perfect templates. Exactly what we were looking for. Good service good and easy to understand with good instruction

Take the stress out of legal documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our templates come in Word format (docx).

We recommend using Microsoft Word on a desktop to fill in the templates.

Our templates are Word documents so they’re editable.

We don’t recommend editing the template outside the highlighted areas. An experienced lawyer wrote your template. If you delete or modify clauses it could affect your protection.

We know you’re a smart cookie, but we highly recommend avoiding the temptation to fiddle.

Yes, you get lifetime access to your template.

You’ve got a contract ready to go whenever you need it in your business.


Change your font, add your logo and even some colour. Present your document in your brand style and delight your clients. You’ll still be legit. You’ll just look amazing-er.

All of our templates come with instructions on the first page.

We also include comments throughout the document to help guide you as you fill out each section.

Yes. All our templates are written by qualified Australian lawyers who hold an Australian legal practicing certificate.

Our co-founder Courtney Bowie is a partner in Sydney law firm, Her Lawyer.

Yes. You can use the templates in all Australian states and territories.

If a law changes, we’ll update your template and send it to you – for free.

No hidden catches here. When you buy a template or bundle you own them for life. The download links never expire.

No recurring fees. No accounts. Just buy what you need. Simple, right?

If you have a question, contact us. We’re always happy to help.


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