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Online Membership Terms and Conditions

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The membership template was exactly what I was looking for! The additional clauses template was also so helpful to further customize the terms and conditions to make it so relevant for my membership program. It was very easy to understand and implement. Highly recommend!
Courtenay Pollock

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Who are Online Membership Terms and Conditions for?

  • Online memberships
  • Creative memberships
  • Educational memberships
  • Professional memberships
  • Hobbyist memberships
  • Health and fitness memberships
  • Business memberships
  • Free memberships
  • All Australian states and territories


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What are Online Membership Terms and Conditions?

Online Membership Terms and Conditions are the terms you set for members signing up with you for a digital membership.

If you’re running an online membership giving members access to digital content or an online community on a subscription basis, this contract is for you!

This template will help you:

  • reduce the costs associated with contract disputes, payment problems and unexpected membership churn
  • ensure all the hard work you’ve put into your membership content isn’t stolen out from under you
  • ensure your membership rules are explained to members before they purchase

Membership Platforms – Compatibility

There are a number of popular membership platforms available, including Kajabi, Teachable, Memberful and Mighty Networks. Our template can be used with any of these platforms. Normally, just a few quick steps are involved to add your T&Cs to the platform’s backend (see example here).

Other names for Online Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Online Membership Agreement
  • Digital Membership Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Membership Terms and Conditions
  • Membership Terms
  • Members Agreement

What does this Online Membership Terms and Conditions template cover?

Our Online Membership Terms and Conditions template protects you by including:

  • Membership Inclusions – member benefits and how these may change
  • Platforms – interacting with other platforms
  • Payment– payment schedule, payment methods, price changes
  • Refund Policy– your policy on refunds
  • Access– how and when members can access content
  • Conduct– setting expectations and minimum standards of conduct in shared spaces
  • Confidentiality– to keep confidential information private
  • Intellectual property– maximising and protecting your intellectual property rights
  • Licence – how members can and can’t use intellectual property accessed through the membership
  • Disclaimers – important legal disclaimers and exclusions of guarantees
  • Australian Consumer Law (ACL) – compliance with consumer rights legislation
  • Limitation of Liability– limiting your liability to members to protect you
  • Changes – changes to memberships (including upgrading and downgrading membership levels)
  • Term – term of membership with provision for minimum commitments and automatic renewals
  • Cancellation Policy– your policy on membership cancellations
  • Transfer Policy –prevent transfer of membership benefits
  • Force majeure– to protect your business in case of events beyond your control (e.g. covid19)
  • Dispute Resolution– process to deal with disputes
  • General– standard contract clauses including Assignment, Severance, Entire Agreement, Waiver and Governing Law
  • BONUS: Alternative Clause Wording document– optional and alternative clauses to help you further customise the template to your unique needs

Where should I publish my Online Membership Terms and Conditions?

You can display a tickbox linking to your T&Cs in the shopping cart or checkout. Customers must click on the “OK“, “I Agree“, or “I Accept” button before they complete an order to sign up to become a member. This is known as a clickwrap agreement.

As mentioned above, each platform should provide instructions on how to set this up through settings (see example here).

Can I have a separate Refund Policy page on my website?

Yes, you can have a separate Refund Policy page on your website. However, it should mirror the terms you include in your Online Membership Terms and Conditions. In other words, you should copy what is in your T&Cs and make sure the same information is reflected in your Refund Policy.

If you only had a Refund Policy on your website, a customer could argue that they did not accept the refund policy when they signed up and therefore are not bound by it.

What if I sell to Australia AND overseas customers?

No worries, you can still cover this in one document. Just ensure you update any relevant sections on payment etc. to include international customers.

Generally, you want the governing law for your legal agreements to be where you are based so that if a dispute arises, you are covered by local laws.

If you sell or market to European customers, you will also need a GDPR Privacy Policy to comply with EU privacy laws.

Is this Online Membership Terms and Conditions template legally binding?


Our templates have been drafted by qualified Australian lawyers with an Australian legal practicing certificate.

We are affiliated with a commercial law firm based in Sydney.

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06 February 2024
Sally-Ann T.
I recommend this product

Just what I was hoping for.

This template was very easy to use. I particularly liked the fact that it came with alternate clauses to use so that it could be tailored to my memberships unique inclusions.

25 October 2022
Courtenay P.
I recommend this product

Fabulous Template!

The membership template was exactly what I was looking for! The additional clauses template was also so helpful to further customize the terms and conditions to make it so relevant for my membership program. It was very easy to understand and implement. Highly recommend!

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