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Virtual Assistant Client Agreement

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Perfect, just what we needed! Easy to use and understand for both parties.
Rebecca P.

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A Virtual Assistant Client Agreement You Can Count On

It’s 4:32 pm, and you’ve just found the perfect new client. You want to start working with them tomorrow. But you’re stuck. You want everything clear and legal – and you don’t have a contract.

Grab our Virtual Assistant Client Agreement template. In less than fifteen minutes, you’ll have the contract in your hands. It’s written by lawyers, so there’s no stressing about the legalities. Simply fill in your details, present it to your client, and do the deal today!

What is a Virtual Assistant Client Agreement?

A Virtual Assistant Client Agreement is a legal agreement between a Virtual Assistant and a client.

If you’re a VA looking for a professional contract to use for your clients, this contract is for you!

It covers all of the essential terms and conditions – services, payment, intellectual property, and so much more.

Other names for this contract

  • Virtual Assistant Contract
  • Virtual Assistant Agreement
  • Virtual Assistant Terms and Conditions
  • Service Agreement
  • Services Agreement
  • Terms of Business
  • Retainer Agreement

What does our Virtual Assistant Client Agreement template include?

Our Virtual Assistant Client Agreement template covers everything you need:

  • Schedule – key details on the first page (services, payment, term etc.)
  • Type of engagement and working hours  – services you will provide and working hours
  • Scope  – the scope of your services
  • Deliverables – specific items or quantities or projects
  • Equipment and place of work – VAs provide their own equipment and work virtually
  • Client Responsibilities, Warranty and Indemnity – what you need the client to do, plus important legal terms to protect you
  • Fees – your fees
  • NEW Superannuation compliance – requiring your client to comply with any legal requirement to pay you super (and making clear that’s on top of your fees)
  • Expenses – process for dealing with any extra expenses incurred
  • Payment Terms – clear payment terms
  • Term – how long you will be engaged for
  • Extension – covers the possibility to extend the agreement
  • Promotion – allows you to use the client to promote your business
  • Confidentiality – to keep confidential information private
  • Intellectual Property – intellectual property rights for the works you create
  • Limitation of Liability – to protect you against claims for losses and damages
  • Termination – how either party can terminate the agreement
  • Dispute Resolution – process to deal with any problems
  • General – standard contract clauses such as Assignment, Severance, Entire Agreement, Waiver and Governing Law

Do I need a contract for my clients?

Heck yes. If you run your service business without a contract – you’re exposed. If something goes wrong, you have no fallback. Is that how you want to do business?

A contract protects both you and your clients.

It’s not about big legal words and getting the upper hand. It’s relationship insurance. A legally binding contract does the boring legal leg work, manages expectations, and provides certainty. That way, you can focus on what you want to achieve in your business.

Make sure your contract does the hard work for you.

I’m just starting my Virtual Assistant business. Do I really need this?

Yes, you should have a contract for ALL client engagements.

You will appear more professional, and it will help protect both you and your clients.

If I subcontract some of my work to other Virtual Assistants, can I still use the Client Agreement?

Yes, you can! This contract allows you to subcontract one or more aspects of the services you provide to the client but requires you to remain the head contractor (meaning that you will remain responsible for the subcontractor’s services).

What do Scope and Deliverables mean?

Scope means the type of services you will provide (e.g. social media posts, call answering, document proofing etc.)

Deliverables mean any specific items or quantities or projects (e.g. 5 hours per week)

Can my client just type their name in the signature box, or do they have to print it off and sign it?

We recommend that you only send the contract to people in PDF format. Ask them to sign the contract and return the signed copy for your records. If they just typed their name, it wouldn’t be possible to prove they had signed the contract if a dispute arose later.

Can’t I just copy this from another website?

Don’t do this.

1. This is copyright infringement and is against the law.

2. You might accidentally copy terms and conditions from another country – if you end up in court for some reason, it might be on the other side of the world!

3. Our template has been drafted by an Australian lawyer to make sure it’s legally binding here in Australia.

Why should I invest in a quality Virtual Assistant Client Agreement template?

You’ve spent countless hours dedicated to learning how to attract the right clients.

Your heavy financial investments in your own personal growth are slowly but surely paying off.

You’re not going to let all that go to waste with a crappy contract, are you?

The booking process is the most fragile part of the selling process. Don’t let your future clients slip away with a shady contract pieced together like Frankenstein.

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23 February 2024
Maike R.
I recommend this product

VA Client Agreement

I was a little bit hesitant because of the price, but the product is excellent. Way to adapt and very complex. Great product.

07 February 2024
Rosemary H.
I recommend this product

Legal Made Easy and Accessible

I recently downloaded the VA Client Agreement and am so thankful I did. The document was comprehensive, and it was easy to make the relevant amendments. I highly recommend them, and I will be using them again in the future.

13 June 2023
Anna G.
I recommend this product

A Great Starting Point

This document was a wonderful starting point for someone who is starting their own VA business. It has so much in this document that it covers all aspects and makes you feel confident you have all areas included in your agreement.

Take the stress out of legal documents

Get peace of mind with our Virtual Assistant Client Agreement today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got the Answers!

All of our templates come in Word format (docx).

We recommend using Microsoft Word on a desktop to fill in the templates.

Our templates are Word documents so they’re editable.

We don’t recommend editing the template outside the highlighted areas. An experienced lawyer wrote your template. If you delete or modify clauses it could affect your protection.

We know you’re a smart cookie, but we highly recommend avoiding the temptation to fiddle.

Yes, you get lifetime access to your template.

You’ve got a contract ready to go whenever you need it in your business.


Change your font, add your logo and even some colour. Present your document in your brand style and delight your clients. You’ll still be legit. You’ll just look amazing-er.

All of our templates come with instructions on the first page.

We also include comments throughout the document to help guide you as you fill out each section.

Yes. All our templates are written by qualified Australian lawyers who hold an Australian legal practicing certificate.

Our co-founder Courtney Bowie is a partner in Sydney law firm, Her Lawyer.

Yes. You can use the templates in all Australian states and territories.

If a law changes, we’ll update your template and send it to you – for free.

No hidden catches here. When you buy a template or bundle you own them for life. The download links never expire.

No recurring fees. No accounts. Just buy what you need. Simple, right?

If you have a question, contact us. We’re always happy to help.


Phone: 1300 490 145

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