Interior Design Contract

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  • Provide clarity to your clients
  • Avoid late payments and changes to the scope
  • Peace of mind that your interior design business is legally protected
  • Drafted in plain English by Australian lawyers
  • Complete our Interior Design Contract template in under 5 minutes

What is an Interior Design Contract?

An Interior Design Contract is your MOST important legal document. If you only have one contract in your interior design business, this is it!

An Interior Design Contract sets out the legal agreement between an interior designer and their clients.

It covers all of the important terms of your agreement, including services. fees, expenses, payment terms and limitation of liability. It also covers Intellectual Property rights.

Your Interior Design Contract should be tailored to each specific client. A well written agreement will not only provide you with legal protection, it will also help manage your client’s expectations.


Who can use this template?

  • Interior Designers


Do I need a contract for my interior design clients?

Yes, definitely! A contract protects both you and your clients.

You should always have a contract signed before you start a new interior design job for a client.

Putting things in writing protects both parties and gives certainty.

Contracts are about more than wrapping your clients up in red tape and telling them what they can’t do. Think of your contract as relationship insurance: it does all the hard, boring work of keeping the relationship on rails, so you can focus on the fun part – the actual designing.


Other names for an Interior Design Contract

  • Interior Design Terms & Conditions
  • Terms of Trade
  • Interior Design Service Agreement
  • Client Agreement


What does this Interior Design Contract template include?

Our Interior Design Contract template covers everything you need:

  • Services – description of your services
  • Fees – what you charge for your work
  • Expenses – any extra charges for expenses (disbursements)
  • Payment Terms – very important, how you will get paid! Includes deposit and overdue amounts
  • Our Responsibilities – what you are responsible for
  • Client Responsibilities – what the client is responsible for
  • Intellectual Property – this covers intellectual property rights for the works you create
  • Disclaimer – important legal clause
  • Client’s Warranty and Indemnity -important legal clause
  • Changes to Scope – how you will deal with change requests and out of scope work
  • Confidentiality – both parties agree to keep confidential information private
  • Limitation of Liability – to protect you against claims for losses and damages
  • Termination – this explains how either party can terminate the agreement
  • Dispute Resolution – process to deal with any problems that may arise
  • General – standard contract clauses such as Assignment, Severance, Entire Agreement, Waiver and Governing Law


How do I fit all of the details of the Scope into the contract?

The best way to do this is to have TWO documents which you provide to clients:

1. Proposal – a detailed overview of the design services you will provide and the scope of your engagement

2. Terms and Conditions – all of the legal considerations and your official agreement

This gives you more flexibility and it means that you can customise each proposal without having to condense the detailed information into a standard contract.


Do I get to choose my own deposit amount and payment terms?

Yes, you do!

You can specify a deposit amount as a percentage of the total estimated fees. You can also choose when you will invoice for the balance of payments.

Our template allows you to set your own payment terms to help speed up payments from clients (e.g. 7 days).


What happens if the client wants to change the scope?

We have included a clause to cover any changes to the scope and how you can address this. Any requested changes which are out of scope will normally incur additional fees for the client.

You also have the option to refuse any changes to the original scope unless the client agrees to pay you additional fees for the work.


Why should I invest in a quality Interior Design Contract template?

You’ve spent countless hours dedicated to learning how to attract the right clients.

Your heavy financial investments in your own personal growth are slowly but surely paying off.

You’re not going to let all that go to waste with a crappy contract, are you?

The booking process is the most fragile part of the selling process. Don’t let your future clients slip away with a shady contract, pieced together like Frankenstein.

With this contract template, your clients will know you take your business seriously. You’ll stand out from your competition, but best of all, your clients will trust you right from the start.


Is this template legally binding?


All of our templates have been drafted by qualified Australian lawyers who hold an Australian legal practicing certificate.

We are affiliated with a commercial law firm based in Sydney.


I have an Apple Mac – can I still use this template?

Yes, but we recommend you have Microsoft Word installed on your Mac.

Our documents contain smart fields which use a Microsoft Word feature called content controls. They help to save time in updating the template, but may not display correctly in Pages or Google Docs.

If you need a version of your template without the content controls, this is available for immediate download once you complete your purchase (you can download both versions).


Can’t I copy terms from someone else or download a free template off the internet?

We don’t recommend this approach for a few reasons:

1. You may be committing copyright infringement, which is against the law.

2. You might accidentally copy terms and conditions from another country – if you end up in court for some reason it might be on the other side of the world.

3. Our template has been drafted by an Australian lawyer to make sure it’s legally binding here in Australia.

Why You Need This

Set your business up for success

Our Interior Design Contract template will help to ensure clear communication and defined responsibilities for you and your clients

Clearly set out the terms of your agreement

Lay the foundations for your business relationship so everyone is clear on their obligations and how the relationship will work.

Deal with Disputes

Our template covers different situations and how to handle them –  it will help to avoid disputes in the future.

Protect your business and assets

As the old saying goes, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

You never know what will happen in the future, but it is vital that you have a contract in place to protect everything you have worked hard for.

How does it work?

You could be up and running in as little as 5-10 minutes.

1.  Select the Interior Design Contract template in the Shop and click Add To Cart.

2.  Proceed to Checkout and complete your purchase.

3.  You will receive an email with a download link immediately after you have completed your purchase.

4.  Open the document in Microsoft Word and complete the highlighted fields with your personal information (name, ABN etc). Your document will be ready to go in minutes!


Is this template editable?

Yes, the template comes in Word format so you are free to make changes to the document.

However, we do not recommend you make changes outside of the fields we have highlighted in the document. The clauses and wording have been written by a lawyer for a good reason. Deleting clauses or modifying them can affect the legal protections contained in the document.


What if the law changes?

If the law changes, we’ll email you with the changes and updates to add to your existing templates. So please ensure you keep us updated if your email address changes.

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25 September 2020
Cassandra D.
I recommend this product
Interior Design Terms and Conditions

It was thorough however I think it is important to have contracts specific to each business. I don't use this template for this reason.

28 September 2020
Easy Legal Templates

Thanks for your honest feedback, Cassandra. Much appreciated. It's tricky to create a template which will cover every situation, but we have drafted the Interior Design T&Cs to cover the typical needs of an interior designer. It includes things like changes to scope, IP rights for your concepts/designs and a disclaimer specifically for interior designers. We also provide it in Word format so you can change/edit the document as required. To get a custom drafted contract from a lawyer normally costs $1500+ so we do believe our template (which was drafted by a commercial lawyer) is still great value for anyone looking for an affordable contract to get started. We are always looking to improve our products and will definitely take your feedback on board. Thanks again.

12 January 2020
Gemma L.
Nice and easy

It was really quick to download and complete for my interior design business. Very happy.

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